A structure for birdwatching

Location: Ringkøbing fjord, Denmark
Year: 2018
Size: 40m2
Collaberator(s): Marianne Ystenes Gjørt
Teacher(s): N/A
Bird towers is found in many variations; tall and short, rectangular and circular. A common trait is how structurally raw they look, and how they can be seen as sculptural landmarks in the landscape; at the same time they anonymously blends into their surroundings. Typically they consists of a simple wooden construction and an ascent to a plateau high enough give the visitors a good overview of the surroundings and the bird life in the area. We have chosen to take our point of departure and let us be inspired by the traditional bird towers we know.

The exhibited proposal

The tower is located in the forest; the pavillion at the edge

Both the tower and pavillion is assembled from the same tectonic principle

Model 1:20