Exhibition of concrete and rammed earth

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2019
Size: N/A
Collerator: Tone I. Vecht, Anne Beim, Ulrik S. Madsen
The project focuses on developing climate-adaptation design strategies for the construction industry. As the title suggests, water will be an important element of urban architecture going forward. The project seeks to turn the current challenges of draining off rainwater and the impact of water on how materials patinate into an architectural potential where a deliberate processing of the water as an element of our urban spaces can heighten human awareness of the climate impacts around us.
The exhibited prototypes examine the potentials of both draining off and retaining rainwater as part of a building’s facade and examine alternative building materials with a small carbon footprint. In so doing, the prototypes seek to unite technological potential with robust architectural statements by making water an essential architectural element in creating urban spaces.

A six meter high 1:1 facade

The two concrete studies; cast with seeds; water flow

The two rammed earth studies; mortar; linseed oil

Wooden/steel structures supporting the 1:1 samples