Structures in the landscape

Location: Bornholm, Denmark
Year: 2019
Size: 300m2
Collaberator(s): Tone Ida Vecht
In our graduation thesis, we aim to revitalize neglected history and culture through architectural structures in the span between landscape and architecture. The projects starting point is a fascination with traces created by human actions embedded in the landscape of Bornholm, as well as a desire to discuss and articulate them. We chose Bornholm, as the dialogue and relationship between the landscape, history and cultural heritage of Bornholm is clearer than many other places in Denmark.

Through a greater landscape understanding, we ask if our architectural structures, the remaining traces and the characters of the places can tell and point to the void of the past history. It is not the factual and direct narrative we focus on, but the historical elements, the atmosphere, the materials and the tectonics that exists today. We have not worked with the traditional exhibition buildings, but with structures.
In this project, we have worked on timeliness and weathering; how does a material change over time and how will the added structures be read in the future. 

We found three special places on the island from a survey of Bornholm: Almeløkke quarry, Vang Pier and Bunkers at Dueodde. 

One of the many traces of history found in the landscape of Bornholm 

Between three concrete walls and a steel roof a instermistic changing room occurs

Two concrete walls rises from the ground while creating a view to the sea

Plans and details of Vang Pier

In the Almeløkke quarry we add a refined steel structure - it creates a connection between the bottom of the quarry and the top; the edge and the center

The meeting between the refined steel structure a the rough and heavy stone - highlighting each other

Plans and details of Almeløkke quarry

Close to the WW2 bunkers in the forest of Dueodde, we add a wooden structure

Plans and details of Dueodde

The placement is on top of a third planned bunker, while its spacialities resembles that of the existing bunkers