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In my studies, I work with the provenience of buildings, and has created reinterpretations of buildings, structures and elements. The premise of adding to a place should always be through a starting point in what already is and has been, and basing architecture design on existing stories, traces and history.

   ProfileFocus on sustainable materials in combination with poetic and sensual architecture. High aesthetic quality and functionality is the controlling design parameters with every project. Educated with focus on ecology and tectonics. Flair for competition, idea- and conceptual development. Effective workflow, especially during production of material. Always focused, precise and thorough with all types of tasks.  Effective in groups and teams. Cooperative and accommodating. 

        About  From 2013 to 2019, I studied Architecture on The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Institute of Architecture and Technology. I graduated in 2019 from the Masters programme, Settlement, Ecology and Tectonics (SET).  During my studies I worked on several architecture studios, in which I took part in several winning proposals.