Sustainable concrete

Type: Competition proposal
Location: N/A
Year: 2018-2019
Size: N/A
Collaberator(s): Julie Meiland Hansen
Teacher(s): N/A
Many old, demolished buildings are being replaced with new concrete ones. An incredible amount of construction waste is produced form demolitions each year, with brick amounting to 100.000 tonnes. The tendency for the increasing amount of buildings made of concrete, and the huge amount of brick granules, dust- and pebbles being downcycled, we see a great potential for a sustainable link between the two. Concrete is incredibly effective at binding materials together, we see an opputinity to upcycle residual materials sush as brick-dust, crushed brick and gravel as aggregate in concrete.
Thus, a greater amount of materials are reused and the concrete is given a new tactility and aestechic appearance. 

Four proposals; different types of brick is cast into the concrete mixture 

Brick and concrete mixture applied to a facade

Several brick and concrete mixtures combined on a facade

Larger brick pieces and concrete used indoor