Social housing in Adelgade

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2019
Size: 300m2
Collaberator(s): Julie Meiland Hansen and Erling Aleksander Nybråten
With its location in the heart of Copenhagen, Adelgade has a long history, the street's facades are the guiding motif in the area, with beautiful rhythms and cornices that form a shell towards the city. Behind the facades, towards the courtyards, the building masses become more intricate and deep.
The ground floor is kept free and can be used as a common meeting point, the heart room, for both the public and residents. Here is located an industrial kitchen and the large room provides space for tables etc. which can be seen from the street and create a homely atmosphere for the area; it can be used flexibly for various events, community dining, workshops etc., both for residents and guests.
Behind the building is created a staircase and a hallway that occupies the negative space, access to and residence for three apartments per room. floor.
The apartments are continuous from the street to the courtyard to get light from both sides. Each has its own kitchen, bath and bed; terrace and laundry room, located on each of the hallways, are shared by residents. Throughout the project, the facade has been an important and controlling element. This is where our building is merged with the surroundings, and tells of their rhythms and proportion. In the facade a small balcony is added to each apartment where it can be drawn air or dried clothes etc.

The unfilled plot on Adelgade

The backyard 

The new facade continues the existing rythms and motifs

Detail of the meeting between new and existing walls

Plan of first floor

The new facade continues the existing rythms and motifs