Transformation of a single-family house

Type: Transformation
Location: Ålesund, Norway
Year: 2017-2019
Size: 120m2
Collaberator(s): Marianne Ystenes Gjørtz
Teacher(s): N/A
The project in Nedre Bognesvej is a sketch proposal for new floor plan, facades, roof and an extension for a house from the 50s. The task is set by a young, newly established family.

Our suggestion is to open the ceiling roof so that half of the living area gets double-height roof height. The ground floor plan makes the house seem airier and larger by opening up between the kitchen and living room. The staircase has been moved to make the two floors flow more together and create better whole in the house. The basement floor is of a more private character. It consists of living room, bedrooms for the kids / office, bath and laundry room and storage.

FExisting house from the fifties

Existing walls, attic and inner cladding is removed, and replaced with a big living room and windows framing the surrounding ocean 

New facades

New plans; the upper floor has a master bedroom and kitchen; the lower floors has three small bedrooms