Urbania CPH and Damsøgaard

Location: Vanløse, Denmark
Year: 2017-2018
Size: 600m2
Collaberator(s): Emil Göhns
We want to create a house whose sustainability is on height with the most environmental and resource-responsible housing types. We want to create one house that supports our modern lifestyle in the city. We want to create a house that can accommodate diversity and are inclusive both for the residents of the house and for the local community. We want to create a house that has an architectural quality that supports the social interaction of the residents between. We want to create a house that challenges it traditional housing, a house whose apartments are not money machines. We want to live in a city, sustainable and social living that inspires our surroundings.

The existing Damsøgaard

Communal meals happen in the common room

Shared spaces blend together with the variable apartments

The transformation of Damsøgaard

Situational plan

Arrival to Damsøgaard

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