Museum on Refshaleøen

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2016
Size: 300m2
Collaberator(s): N/A
Refshaleøen is in many ways a unique part of Copenhagen; It is a remnant from the peak of the dansih industrialization and appears visually as a frozen image of the past. While appearing introvertet, various interesting entrepreneurs, restaurants and events create an interesting meeting between the framework of the past and a modern use. This is where the project's origins arise; the values, atmospheres and functions that are already inherent on the island should be maintained, reinforced and strengthened. The danger of the existing qualities being lost, the project wants to appear as a retelling and interpretation of the island's phenomenological events. The project seeks to become a source of inspiration for the island's future development, and will try to answer the following question:

“How do we ensure that the island's present uniqueness, atmosphere and values can be experienced in the future; even after the island's inevitable destruction?”

The atmosphere on Refshaleøen is very distinct


The museum is placed far from any other lightsource

During the nighttime, the museum lights up its surroundings while simultaneously exposing its inner functions 

The first exhibition room plays old recordings from the hayday of the industrial island

The second exhibition room tells the visitor factualities about the island


The three plans

The third exhibitionroom showcases the size of ship hulls